Cheshire Recordings is a home business run by Ed and Dana Ward. We live and operate this business from our little log cabin in the woods of the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California. We find much of the inspiration for our songs from the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Our musical roots run deep into the folk music scene of the '70s. Our musical philosophy is that we believe children are much smarter than most adults give them credit for and that they can and do appreciate music on a more mature level than they are generally exposed to. What we strive to do is create adult quality music for children. The original intent with our first personalized album of Lullabies For Babies was to provide songs along with a printed lyric booklet so that, in this all too busy world of ours, parents might easily learn a song or two themselves and sing them to their babies. We believe in developing a strong parent/child bond in the very early years of a child's life and can think of no better way than through the sharing of music. From this humble beginning we have grown with the children trying to stimulate their imaginations with Time To Daydream, help them have fun while learning with Playtime Tunes and help them have a very special birthday party with The Happy Birthday album.

As our business has grown and continues to grow, many things have become very important to us, such as; using recycled paper, bio degradable corn starch peanuts for packaging (we also reuse peanuts that we receive), charging only what it actually costs to send our product (no added "handling" charges), keeping customer information safe and private and making ourselves available to our customers. This is a very personalized business where over the years, customers seem like old friends and stories are shared about how this personalized music has affected their children. With some, our business has grown right along with the family, providing music for the different stages of the children's lives.

So we hope to continue in this way. We love where we live and we love what we do. Keep those cards and e-mails coming. We enjoy hearing your stories and ideas for future projects.

Wishing you all the joys of music,

Ed and Dana Ward

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